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Are you looking for a way to organize your child’s binder for the next school year?  I will take you step by step showing you how I set up my children’s binders.  I have found by using this approach, it is teaching my children strategies to learn organization.  They know where all their assignments are and where to put them back.  It makes it very simple to stay organized.

  1. Buy a 3” or 4” binder (choose maybe your child’s favorite color)
  2. Buy the standard 8 subject multi-color dividers (single or double pockets)
  3. As your curriculum comes or in all at once, tear out all your workbook pages and hole punch them. Add them to the appropriate subject.
  4. Take your camera and find a fun place to go take some pictures. I went to a local lake and took ours.  The kids like to get dressed up and take school pictures, but as a homeschooler, they miss out on that.
  5. Find a border online you like and save it. I imported my child’s picture into the border with just Word.  It is super easy.  When you are done making it, print and add to the front see-through pocket of your binder.  I like to add their name and grade level.  If I ever need to go back to a previous year and look for something it is easy to find.

Joshua's Binder


I absolutely love back to school shopping.  I don’t know why exactly, but it is exciting to me.   I love to try and get the best deal possible on all my school supplies.  I miss not being able to buy a new backpack every year or a new lunch box.  Instead, I put all my love into my binders and pencil boxes.  I color code everything or it will end in a fight over whose glue or scissors they are.  I buy matching pencil boxes to match the binder color.  In my pencil box I put:

  1. Crayola twisty crayon pencils
  2. Sharpened pencils
  3. Glue stick
  4. Scissors (matching the color if I can find them)
  5. Ruler (matching the color if I can find them)- I do have them keep their rulers in their desks.

I like to keep my kid’s school stuff a secret.  They love the anticipation of school starting and seeing all the fun stuff they got.  They love exploring their new binders and pencils boxes.

Try to make your kid’s school stuff fun and exciting for your kids.  I hope this step by step will help you organize your student’s curriculum.

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