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As a teacher, you know how important the right curriculum can be. It can make the difference between your children hating school and dreading it, or loving school and looking forward to the next school day! As teachers, it is up to us to pick what curriculum we feel our children can benefit from.

So how do you pick the right curriculum?

First, I would assess if your child has any learning disabilities. Next, ask your children what their favorite subjects are. I have learned to ask because then I know for sure what to focus my search on. For example, my boys love history and science and hate handwriting and English.

Now I am full believer kids need handwriting and English, even if they hate it! They still must do it! But….their curriculum can always be tweaked to make it more fun. For example, if my son must write a letter to a friend, I may alter the assignment and tell him to write a letter to our child we sponsor. It just brings a little extra to a subject that he is not enthusiastic about.

Now since I know my sons love history and science, I know I must find a dynamic, hands-on history and science program. I then stagger these subjects throughout the week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays we study history toward the end of school. They can then complete any art projects involved. On Tuesday and Thursdays, we study science. We always study the favorite subjects at the end of school because they the kids have something to look forward to throughout the school day!

Keep a journal of what your kids like and what excites them! What is fascinating to them? One more thing to write down is whether your child needs a more active hands-on vibrant curriculum or do they like the traditional sit down at a desk work. Every kid is different! But you wouldn’t want to buy a curriculum that is full on only workbook pages if your child can not sit still. They will hate school! Mine did. That is why I say to talk to your kids. They are more insightful that we think they are.  With a curriculum change (and a couple other strategies), my children had the most successful year yet. And as an added bonus…they did not dread school. They kinda liked it!

Where should I buy curriculum?

Once you have an idea of what kind of curriculum your kids will enjoy, now it is time to hit the internet or local homeschooling bookstore. I personally have found Christian Book the most helpful. (I am an affiliate, so I am not recommending them, but I have used them for years before being an affiliate) I like Christian Book because they have the most in-depth descriptions and previews of curriculum. If you are like me, it is hard to make a choice on curriculum if you cannot see it and hold it. I know do not want to buy a curriculum I can not see sample pages of…and the more the merrier! In my experience, they have the best overall previews. There are some publishers out there with awesome previews, like Math U See (I am an affiliate for Math U See too. What can I say I want to represent companies I love and solve a problem). I suggest looking at some of the big publishing companies and see what they have to offer. Some of the most popular are BJU Press, Bright Ideas Press, Mystery of History, Math U See, Abeka, Alpha Omega, Sonlight, Saxon, and Apologia. There are always sales through publishers too you can take advantage of. But really try and find places you can actually see multiple previews of. It will help you determine if that curriculum is right for your kids!

In summary, we all want our children to succeed and learn a lot. But if they don’t like what or how they are learning, are they really learning? Find out their passions and learning styles and run with it! You can have your best year yet!!

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