Dads are important

Have you ever questioned the importance of fatherhood today?  With such a high divorce and born out of wedlock rate, what role do fathers play?  The studies are quite astonishing! I set out on a quest to find out how important dads are in children’s lives.

Fathers play such an important role in children’s lives.  According to Dr. Pruett, “positive father care is associated with more pro-social and positive moral behavior in boys and girls.”[1]  A study from the University of Pennsylvania which states that “children who feel a closeness and warmth with their father are twice as likely to enter college, 75 percent less likely to have a child in their teen years, 80 percent less likely to be incarcerated and half as likely to show various signs of depression[2]

Fathers help stress rules, establish a sense of security, and have more active/rough play with their children.  Fathers are a huge role model to their daughters too.  They tend to model what a man is and how they should be treated.  If you show your daughter, unconditional love, she will look for that in boyfriends and her future husband.

In an America where 29% of children live with only one parent, the father’s role must not be undercut.  Fathers need to be celebrated and supported.[3]  Our country need to focus on the social problems families have when there is no dad present.

I wonder how the world would change if more dads lived with their children through the age of 18.  Would we have fewer school shootings?  Would we have fewer people in prison?  Would kids need to “join” gangs to feel part of a family?  Imagine how different the world would be with more loving supportive fathers.

I do blame our society for a downward shift in fatherhood.  For example, if you watch TV around Father’s Day there are not very nice gift ideas for dads.  Now watch TV around Mother’s Day.  Mother’s are celebrated and treated amazingly.  In another example, fathers in other countries are mandated paternity leave to promote bonding when a child is born.  In the USA, most dads don’t even get paternity leave to bond with their new child.  At this website I want dads to feel as though they have just as important of a role as moms.

A mom might be the homeschooling teacher, but the dad may be out there making the money allowing the mom to stay home and homeschool.  There are a lot of roles dads play.  Some homeschool dads are actually the main teacher, while the mom works.  Homeschool fathers can teach a class or lesson for school.  They can fill in as a substitute teacher if mom is sick. Another may be to start up a homeschool program or Co-op.  Maybe a dad wants to show their son or daughter how to survive in the wilderness or build a catapult.  The roles for homeschool dads are endless.

I just want to say, I think dads should be celebrated and that is why we have a Dad’s Corner on this website.  I will have articles all year pertaining specifically to dads.  Please join subscribe and stay up to date on these upcoming articles.


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