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Debunking Homeschooling MythsDebunking Homeschooling Myths

Do you know people who view homeschooling as weird? Are you constantly explaining myths about homeschooling away? I think everyone who is or has homeschooled have heard many myths. Lets debunk a few!
Here are a few myths you hear about homeschooled children:
1. Homeschoolers have no friends and are socially awkward.
If you have a homeschooler, embrace them for all the positives they have. Nowadays there are a lot of options for homeschoolers. There are co-ops they can join. They can join sports teams and a wide array of homeschooling classes. In my city, my kids can attend art and music classes, choir and band classes, and science classes. I do not belong to a co-op, but co-ops are great for learning as well as socializing. In some cities they even have homeschooling sports leagues. These are also great resources for making friends.

If you are not yet plugged into your homeschooling community, join your local homeschooling group and find out all the different options they have. We go on field trips multiple times a year with fellow homeschoolers.
If you are new to homeschooling and feeling a little anxious about homeschooling, meet other homeschoolers that can be a light to you and lift you up. Stay positive!
2. Special Needs kids perform better in Public School
Some of the greatest minds in history have had learning disabilities. For example, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo da Vinci were all said to have some sort of learning disability. Pick curriculum that will challenge them, but also will not overwhelm them. If you find your child crying when tackling a certain subject, investigate switching to a better curriculum promoting the way they learn. Only you know what is going to work and be successful for your child. It is a trial and error sometimes though. Write step by step instructions to use as a strategy. Remember no one is going to know your child like you!
3. I could never homeschool my distracted child.
As parents we are in the very unique place to help our child to succeed. If you have an overly distracted child, find a strategy to channel that energy. I bought my boys Standing Desks for kids. This option as afforded my children to channel all their energy to their desk. Give your child a break to do 20 jumping jacks, or to run around outside. This is the best part of homeschooling, we can cater our homeschooling days to our children. Get their brains and bodies moving!
4. My child is not motivated. How can I homeschool?
The question is how do you motivate your child to reach their full potential? First and foremost, show your child unconditional love and be supportive of him/her at the place they are in. Find out what motivates your child. Is it going outside for science? Is it letting him/her take the lead in history? There will always be something that will motivate your child. My children love their treasure box. If they do well on a test or have an amazing day, they get to pick out of the treasure box. They love it and they look forward to seeing what is in there every time. Be supportive and “high five” your child if they do something well.
  5. It is to hard to homeschool. There are too many other things to do. Besides I don’t know what to teach.
The best thing about homeschooling is our ability to schedule our day. Life will always come up. There will always be dirty clothes and dinner to be made. With some preplanning our days can run smoothly.

The second-best thing about homeschooling is our ability to pick what we are going to study. Ask your children what types of things they want to study too! Would they rather study Ancient history or American History? Get them involved.

As homeschoolers we strive for greatness in our kids. We want them to be well rounded and thrive socially. We work hard to teach morals and manners. If you hear a myth about homeschooling, explain to that person all the wonderful things we get to experience because we homeschool.
Remember, we are very lucky to live in a country where we are free to homeschool the way we want!

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