Financial Peace Jr.

I just want to start off by saying, I am such a big fan of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior program.  All three of my kids have gone through all the books.  I made up a chore chart specific to each child, and I pay them using the envelope system.  They love it!  It makes them feel like they are a part of something and in charge of the money.

Dave Ramsey’s Junior Adventure Set does come with a dry erase chore chart and three plastic envelopes.

  • Give
  • Save
  • Spend

Each chore the child is responsible for is worth a certain amount of money.  If the child completes that chore, they get paid for completing that specific chore.  If your child does not complete the chore, they DO NOT get paid. For example, one of my son’s, Joshua, chores is emptying all the garbage cans in the house and putting a clean trash bag in each.  It is worth $1.00 each week.  Sometimes he does not complete it (there is always a reason!).  On Sunday when allowance is paid, he gets $1.00 less.

I also include specific chores for each child that are extra chores.  If they want to earn extra money, they will complete that chore and mark it on their chore chart as completed.  This way I know at the end of the week if they have earned extra money.  Isabella is 5 years old now, and one of her extra chores is wiping down all the doorknobs and light switches. She can earn an extra $.50 for completing this chore.  I have learned that I must keep each kids’ chores different from each other’s.  Honestly, my kids would fight if any of their normal or extra chores overlapped.

This program is really a great program.  It is teaching my kids responsibility.  It is also teaching them how to save and tithe their money.  I highly recommend this program.  Check it out, your kids will love it!


Financial Peace Jr.

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