Story Starters: Writing Made Fun Vol 1



Welcome to our first Story Starters: Writing Made Fun for grades 1st-7th.  This e-book contains 20 story starter topics and encompasses 5 National Park stories, 5 Famous People stories, 5 History stories, and 5 science stories. I want this e-book is to help encourage children of all ages to write and be imaginative.  With a little research, your child will be able to write these stories.  Your child will investigate things like what it was like to be a slave being saved by Harriet Tubman or running from the Kilauea volcano as it erupts.  Imagine you run into a bison while hiking in Yellowstone.  These are 3 samples of stories listed in this book.  Come join the adventure!

*Stay Tuned More e-books in this series to come!