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Do you wonder why it is so important to pick the right curriculum to for your child?

A child's success in school can be a direct reflection of their curriculum.  If your child has any learning disabilities or a specific way of learning, the correct curriculum is essential! If your child is a auditory learner, standard workbook pages may not be the best style of learning for them. If your child struggles with reading or math, then a multi-sensory curriculum will be the best kind of curriculum for them because there are multiple ways of learning.



Math U See
Does your child struggle math?  Do they enjoy it?  I can say my kids thoroughly enjoy math. They are using[...]
Making Stalagmites and Stalactites
We are learning are stalagmites and stalactites in science.  We are using the Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space book. [...]
All About Spelling
All About Spelling*This post may contain an affiliate link.I started spelling late with my boys.  Joshua was in 3rd grade[...]
GeoMatters Trail Guide to U.S. Geography
Trail Guide To U.S. GeographyPublisher: GeoMatters                            [...]

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