I can not believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving already! Where did the time go? I am fortunate because as I sit down to shoot you a quick note, my husband is upstairs making Gluten Free pies! Actually to his credit, he prepares just about everything for Thanksgiving dinner…and let me tell you the meal is amazing. I feel like I should not mess with perfection by trying to help!

But I am going to let you in on a little secret. My husband makes the best turkey you have ever tasted. Everyone always asks what his secret is? Why is the turkey so moist? So as friends, I am going to tell you!

…….He spackcocks his turkey and rubs butter with spices under the skin and then cooks it! Because he spackcocks his turkey it only takes about 1.5 hours to cook a 20LB turkey. Crazy huh?! If you would like to learn how to spackcock a turkey click here. Now my husband cracks the turkeys ribs a little different. I think because he is a man who likes knives and swords, he uses his tomahawk to open the chest. This way at least he is having fun right?!

Okay, so I bet you are wondering what kind of spices does my husband use to season the turkey. Well, that depends. When he is making what he calls the Green Monster, he uses:

2 cups of butter (for a 20+ LB turkey)
sweet peppers
serrano pepper
jalapeno pepper
anaheim pepper
pabalno pepper
green onion
1/2 lime

He would put all these ingredients into the blender and blend them and then rub it all over the turkey (under and on top of skin)

The other recipe he uses that makes an amazing turkey and it is not spatchcocked, is he will cut up citrus fruits (lemon, lime, oranges) and onions and stuff the inside of the turkey with them. It makes the turkey moist and it tastes great!

Another favorite of ours is his green beans. He sautes green beans with a little butter, chopped up onion, and bacon ends. The bacon ends add such an amazing flavor to the green beans. They are fantastic for Thanksgiving or even grilling out.

So there are some of my husband’s secrets to making a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. Now you can see why I am not involved!

I hope your family has an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow. And if you go black friday shopping, have fun!

turkey green monster

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