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As we head into the Holiday, I keep thinking about what you may want in your  school.

Being a homeschool teacher, I love incorporating the Holidays into our school day. I love to decorate our schoolroom along with our house. No matter your religious belief, I think we all love to see the happiness the holidays bring. With this season in mind, I have made 3 new products just for you! If you like them, please help me spread the word and get them out to more homeschoolers. 

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Holiday Edition

By POPULAR demand, I wrote a new Story Starters: Holiday Edition. There are 20 topics in this e-book. The topics encompass Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Your kids will love this book. Now because I had mixed results from the survey about the Story Starter part, I made 2 versions of this e-book. One version has the Story Starters and one does not. This way you can buy the version you want!

Christmas Coloring Sheets

Are you getting into the holiday mood yet? Or do you need a fun craft for your family? Then this e-book is for YOU! In this book you will have 26 pages of letters to help get you ready for Christmas. Each letter can be used many different ways. From coloring sheets, to decorations, to family fun, these letters can be used to create just about anything. You can read more ideas for this at my new shop!

Chore Chart

Okay Okay, I know a Chore Chart e-book does not sound like anything to do with the holidays, however we will also be celebrating a New Year! And with a New Year we often try to jump into the New Year with many goals. This Chore Chart e-book will help your family set the right tone for the new year. This book includes instructions for how to help your children rock chores. It also includes 14 different age appropriate themed chore charts. This item will help you set goals for your child.

‚ÄčOther Items You Will Like

Story Starter Vol 1

Welcome to our first Story Starters: Writing Made Fun for grades 1st-7th. This e-book contains 20 story starter topics. It encompasses 5 National Park stories, 5 Famous People stories, 5 History stories, and 5 Science stories. I want this e-book to help encourage children of all ages to write and be imaginative. With a little research, your child will be able to write these stories. Your child will investigate things like what it was like to be a slave being saved by Harriet Tubman or running from the Kilauea Volcano as it erupts. Imagine you run into a bison while hiking in Yellowstone. These are 3 samples of stories listed in this book. Come join the adventure!

Need some strategies to help your kids have a great school day? These 5 strategies will help you start the day off right!

How do you truly feel about housework? If you are like me, you hate housework. It takes so much time to clean the house and face it...who has the time! These 5 strategies will put enjoyment back into housework!

Handwriting Though The Bible is a fun way for kids to write Bible passages, but also help them memorize them. This book is for grades 1st-8th in mind. If your kids are like mine, they love the Bible. My kids last year hated handwriting until I printed off a couple verses from the Bible. After that, they were hooked. I wrote this handwriting with your children in mind. I hope they love it!

Do you need help budgeting for homeschooling costs? With this form, it makes it easy! Keep a list of curriculum and material expenses you need or will need. Imagine not having to pay for all your homeschooling at once. You will be able to relax and know you will be able to afford it. All you have to do is budget!Enter your text here...

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