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Improve Your School Year                                                                           

Are you using Strategies to Improve Your School Year?  This time of year can be a grueling time of year.  You may be finishing up your school year.  Or planning for the upcoming year.  Maybe you are new to homeschooling all together and don’t know where to start.  Overwhelmed, exhausted, confused may be a couple words to describe how you feel.  Don’t worry? Today we are going to learn some strategies to improve your school year next year!

I have been homeschooling now for 6 years and every year has been a roller coaster.  We had good days, but also a lot of bad days.  There were days I wanted to throw in the towel and send the kids to public school.  Using strategies this last year, we were able to have the best year yet.

Make A Plan

I think for the first time this last year, I really sat down and looked at each of my children’s learning styles.  I realized that I was teaching all wrong.  I was teaching how I thought they should learn and not how they actually learn.  This was causing a lot of meltdowns and fits of crying!  I realized my children like hands-on learning.  They liked learning history and the bible.  They loved science!  I came to the realization I had to change curriculum.  This is why it is so important to pick a curriculum that fits how your child likes to learn!

I encourage you to sit down and ask your children what two subjects their favorites are and why.  Make sure whatever curriculum you pick fits their answers.  Once you have established a couple favorite subjects, break up your school schedule to encompass at least one of them a day.  For our school day, it has worked well to not do every subject every day.  This is how we set up our schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Friday                                                     Tuesday/Thursday

Math                                                                                               English

Handwriting                                                                                   spelling

Mystery of History                                                                       Science with Experiment

My children say these are the top two strategies we used that made their school year better.  Every day they have a favorite subject to look forward to.  It always made it exciting.  Every week they looked forward to learning something new in history and science.  They looked forward to an experiment once a week.

One thing I also learned is for subjects they do not enjoy much (like English), I would try to find something fun we could do with it.  For example, my son does not enjoy writing stories.  However, when I gave him a different writing topic (for example, “The Adventures of PePe the Penguin), he thrived writing about his penguin.  He would write far more and would not want to stop.  Mix it up and think out of the box.  Play on your children’s interests.  They will be forever grateful, and they will enjoy school!

I hope you can take some of these strategies and have the best school year yet!


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